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First Name Last Name ESDA Office and Certifications Company Phone
Dane Hodges B&C TV Service 217.422.3011
Harold Hillerts Quincy Video Service 217.223.2323
Robert Humenick Advanced Electronics Inc 309.454.1440
Peter/Ron Amodeo Amlin TV Sales & Service 708.452.7487
Minas Antablian Minas TV 773.764.0726
George Weiss Board Chairman, Executive Director CSM, EHF Bell Television Inc 773.282.4000
Jonas Miglinas Vice President Miglinas TV 773.776.1486
Christopher Chisim A&A Electronics 773.433.2105
Dorrie Hubbard Communications Tech
Johnny Parker Pro Electronics Repair 773.994.2339
Juan Rivera A-Pronto TV Service
David Spradling Digitech TV 630.241.2392
Curtis Danner Danneronics 708.844.3097
Orville Coombes Vice President  CET, CSR Electronic Specialist 630.739.2050
Julie Riedy CET, CSR, CSM, MST Electronic Specialist 630-774-6830
Joe/Carlos DeLaCerda Steger TV 708-755-0460
Syed Ajaz Ahmed Pecken’s TV Repair 708.529.1177
Tony Sarocco TCS Electronics 847.426.5880
Paul Drubeck Spectra Electronics
Guy Filipelli SoundWerks
Zbigniew Strzemieczny TV-Clinic Inc 847.854.6200
Chuck Hoffman Glendale Electronics 630.620.5127
Ira Berman Skokie TV Service Co Inc 847.537.6666
Frank Stillson President Stillson TV 847.537.3126
Arthur Saakov Arthur’s TV 847.541.9110
Ben Pauker Ben’s TV Service
Ron Mobile Ron & Terry’s TV & Electronics 847.367.4350
Tom VanVleet Treasurer Van’s TV Service 847.824.6637
Dimitry Kostovetskiy DG Electronics 847-952-9550
Gene Frith Frith Appl & Electronics 319.556.0600
Kenneth Felder Total Video Solutions 219-888-9388
Andrew Mierwa North American Electronics 219-932-7205
David Kliss Secretary , Web Administrator  CET, CSM, MST Kliss Electronics 219-362-2859
James Kliss Senior Web Adminsitrator.  CSM, MST Kliss Electronics 219-362-2859