ESDA Website Re-Launched!

We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience here at, and we’ve added some new features to make it easier for us to provide you with new content.  Let’s walk through the changes:

New Site Design!

We’ve completely revamped the look and feel of to better display information for you.  All of the older content is still here, we’ve just made it easier to get access to.  Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Search! – Now you can search previous posts for information, even if it’s not on the main page anymore.
  • Post Calendar – View posts from specific days.
  • Monthly Archive – View posts by month.
  • RSS Feed – Use the big orange feed button at the top of the page to subscribe to site updates with your favorite RSS reader.  Never miss out on new information or events!

New Mailing List!

We’ve upgraded to a new mailing list program to let us better serve you, and to keep you up to date on events and information you should know.  To learn more about the mailing list or to subscribe to it, please click here.

New Midwest Regional Service Conference Page!

We’ve updated the MWSC page with more information about things to do while you are in Peoria.  The MWSC is a family friendly event, and we have lots of great links for things you and your family can do while you’re at the conference.  We regularly update the page with new information, and we’re working with local businesses to make your conference experience even better.  Click here to learn more!

Coming This Spring – Online Registration!

Stay Tuned!

We’ve got some other new changes in the works, and we’ll keep you updated as we roll them out.