Meeting Notes from The March ESDA Meeting: Membership Dues, Fall Training Conference, and Upcoming Programs

ESDA Membership Dues

After discussion of membership dues amount and due dates, it was decided at the March 11th, 2015 meeting that going forward, all member dues will fall due on April 1st of each year.

Full membership, with voting rights, web forum access, and other perks, will be $84.00 per year. The non voting, technician-only membership, will remain at $48.00 per year. New web login credentials will be issued each year along with a certificate of membership. Payment will be accepted at the April 8 meeting, with notices being sent via email thereafter. Payment may also be made online at:

Fall Training Conference

Discussion was held at the March meeting regarding the potential for holding a training conference in the late summer or fall of 2015. Frank and Dave will check for available dates and venues in September and October. Membership was asked to provide names of new potential attendees and seminar topics at the April 8th meeting.

Upcoming Programs

Program subjects for upcoming meetings were also discussed and it was suggested that individual members be responsible for obtaining programs. It would be the responsibility of the member to secure an outside program, or provide content of their own. These programs can be of a technical nature, related to better business practices, etc. Program details should be provided as early as possible for promotion purposes,

The following members volunteered at the meeting:

  • May – Chris Chism TBA
  • June – Bob Larson & Bob Newlon
  • July – Johnny Parker
  • August – Ron Mobile
  • September – Arthur Saakov (This may move to October, pending conference scheduling)
  • October – ESDA Board / Fall conference (This may move to September, pending conference scheduling)
  • November – TBD
  • December – No Meeting

(Curtis Danner with a program on component level testing was added to the program after the meeting for April)

Many THANKS to Frank Stillson who gave away many items from his business due to his retirement.

Online Calendar

The ESDA Calendar of Events can now be viewed online at: